Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Shelling in Israel Last Night

Nadene Goldfoot
Eight mortars where shot into Israel last night of which 7 of them were shot within one hour in a barage.  Now the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon will visit Gaza and Sderot Thursday morning.  Netanyahu was repremanded for building.  Abbas got the pat on the back and "Good Job" from Ban Ki-moon.  The bases were loaded against Netanyahu.  Netanyahu replied in the conversation that the real problem is not the building but the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish Homeland in the first place.  . 

I ask, if the Palestinians can not do that and recognize our state, how does the UN have the chutzpah to expect us to stop building in land that fell into their hands from being attacked ?  Why is it that the Palestinians have never made a peace pact before the issue of building in Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem?  How do they expect Israel to recognize a Palestine if it isn't reciprocal? 

Are they being so friendly in their aspirations of peace that their overtures just happen to be military shelling into our land that they won't recognize?  What do they think they are doing?  Dropping love notes?

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