Monday, February 13, 2012

Iran Attacks Israelis, Then Blames Israelis Themselves

Nadene Goldfoot
Israeli embassy staff was targeted both in India and Georgia on Monday by bomb attacks.  Four were wounded in India, one being a woman, wife of the defense ministry’s representative to India, who was hit with shrapnel. She was taken to the American hospital where Israeli doctors helped her. The attempt failed in Georgia, and a bomb was defused.

Israel feels that Iran and its proxy  (people that act in Iran's place), Hezbollah,  were responsible for the attacks.  Iran venomously denies this, saying that it was Israel who put their people in harms way just to blame them.  They don't know how much Jews value life.    Israel doesn't even have a death sentence in their country.  No, Israel did not attack its own embassies. 

Hezbollah has been mum about their participation.  Their headquarters is in Beirut, Lebanon, which is right on Israel's border and they have control in the government there. 

This is not the first time that Israeli embassies have been terrorist targets.  Amsterdam, Netherlands also reports an attack there on Israel. 

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