Monday, January 30, 2012

Fogal Family's Murderers Tried and Sentenced

Nadene Goldfoot
On March 11, 2011,  the whole Fogel family of five of Itamar, which lies in the Samarian mountains were stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists who belonged to the PLFP (terrorists of PLO) .  The family consisted of Ehud and Ruth Fogel and children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, 3 months old.  Two cousins were convicted of this brutal attack.  The Palestinian TV aired an interview with the murderers relatives who called them "heroes."

Is it really heroic to go into a sleeping family's home and slaughter them all, including children?  This is not heroic to me but an act done by  cowards. 

I notice the TV's values as well.  This was part of a weekly show called "For You," focusing on Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel.  Most of the prisoners are there for killing people.  It had on the program their aunt and mother of 18 year old Hakim Awad.  His cousin was Amjad Awad.  The killer's mother was so proud of his act.  Awad's aunt described her nephew as a "hero and a legend." 

The two cousins were sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences by an IDF court.  Israel does not have a death sentence.  That has only been used in special cases trying Nazi criminals for mass deaths. 

One can see that terrorism is fed into by the family's values.  These certainly are not the values of the Jewish people living in Itamar who had done nothing but be a part of a group living in Judea/Samaria (West Bank).  The town is made of 1,032 religiously orthodox Jewish people (census as of 2009) and in area C under the full Israeli security control. 
The West Bank (a name given by Jordan who had illegally occupied the area before 1967) had come into Israel's hands when Jordan and other Arab states attacked Israel and lost.  These Itamar Jews did not force any Arabs out, but simply made use of barren land and established a town.  Hakim Awad came from Awarta, a town 2 km away with a population of 5,623 as in 2007.  Awarta, being in Samaria has a long history of being Jewish as evidenced with the findings of synagogues there.   This is one reason why orthodox Jews have been so adamant about settling in Judea and Samaria.  These were part of Israel and our history. 

Resource: about the killers
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