Friday, February 03, 2012

Israel's Vunerability to Rockets, Missiles and Mortars

Nadene Goldfoot
Wednesday night a barrage of about 9 rockets, missiles  and mortars had hit southern Israel from Gaza.  Thursday night Israel's IDF struck back hitting:
 1.  2 weapsons storage facilities in northern Gaza
 2.  3 smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza
 3.  a weapons manufacturing site in central Gaza. 

Israel pinpoints their targets and has no wish to hit civilians.  Often times, though, places where terrorists hide out their supplies are within the area of populated centers, making it difficult. 

A conference of the IDF Intelligence was held in Herzliya where the members were told about 200,000 rockets and missles pointed at Israel which can reach all the cities and towns.  They can even reach Tel Aviv.  Many have the capacity to reach 40 km, and some can also reach 100's of km as well today.  No place is safe from harm as far as reach goes anymore.  These are most likely positioned in Lebanon and Syria. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva

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