Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where's Peace and Good Will Towards Israelis?

Nadene Goldfoot

While most of us bask in the holiday spirit of peace on earth and good will towards all, Israel is still findng itself in a game of Dodge Ball, only with deadly rockets and missiles.

Two Islamic Jihad terrorists were killed while planting a bomb along the border of Gaza meant to blow up Israelis. This happened on the eve of Operation Cast Lead of two years ago when Israel had to go into Gaza to stop the thousands of missiles that had been shot into Israel for the past 6 years. While the Palestinian terrorists claim that they want a truce, they keep shooting at Israel. This morning they shot 2 rockets into the Eshkol region of the Southern Negev desert, part of Israel. This escalation of attacks on Israel may lead to another Cast Lead type operation.

We have to respond with air raids into Gaza. Saturday, Hamas threatened Israel with a secret weapon.

The terrorists have been smuggling missiles into Gaza which they shoot into Israel. They try to hit civilians. We aim at these tunnels that are the means for smuggling. Everytime we respond back, they cry out that they are seeking revenge.

There's no United Nations keeping the peace. Other nations must be just sitting back and watching the game. I wonder if there are wagers going on.

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