Friday, October 08, 2010

Israel's Northern Border Neighbor; the New Lebanon

When I think of Lebanon, I remember Major Saad Hadad, the Christian friend of Israel. He patrolled the border between Lebanon and Israel. When he was exhausted, he'd come into Israel and have some R & R at our army hospital. We promised him that if anything were to happen to him we would take in his family. That was back between 1980-1985. During that time his Christian militia soldiers went into a Muslim army base and slaughtered the men there. We were blamed for that, but really hadn't expected it to happen, I'm sure.

Now Lebanon has been taken over by Iran and their terrorists, the Hizbullah. Their President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit them next week. Lebanon is going all out in greeting him, and what is he looking forward to doing there? He plans on throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers on the border.

Lebanon does have Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but he has given into Iranian pressure. When he formed his goverment in 2009, the Iranians were given veto power over all his government decisions. What's worse, Hariri's father was murdered by Syrian and Hizbullah assassins in 2005.

Syria and Hizbullah demand that Hariri not pay attention to a UN investigation that will name the proper killers. On Monday Syria arrested 33 Lebanese friends of Hariri for "false testimonies to the UN". Now they're afraid that Hizbullah will attack Christian and Sunni soldiers of Lebanon. Hizbullah happens to be made up of Shiite terrorists.

Israel sees that Ahmadinejad's visit can have an effect on a war with Israel. The US regional power has waned. Our administration has given sympathy to Hizbullah which shows many that Iran will fight Israel with Hizbullah. Israel may have to take on not only Lebanon but also Syria as well. So we know that Ahmadinejad is not there for just a friendly visit. After all, his goal is to eradicate the Jewish people.

Resource: Caroline B. Glick: Ahmadinejad's target audience, excellent read.

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