Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Accept Our Jewish State

by Nadene Goldfoot

Netanyahu addressed the Israeli Knesset yesterday saying that in order for him to freeze building for a short time in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish State.

Palestinians immediately rejected his deal saying that Netanyahu was "playing games."

Let's face it. The Arabs simply don't want Israel in their midst and are not about to accept a Jewish state peacefully. It's not us that are playing games; it's Abbas, the former PLO terrorist and his Iranian-driven Hamas co-horts.

The United States is promising incentives including security guarantees to Netanyahu if Israel reinstates some form of the settlement freeze. Why on earth would we stop building and working towards the future if the Palestinians are just going to keep trying to kill us no matter what we do? How is the USA capable of giving us security guarantees? In what way? How? They wouldn't supply us with soldiers as that wouldn't work and the USA would be against that. It would have to be in some sort of technical apparatus or weaponry. So we'd stop building and our Israeli citizens living there would suffer because of it, but aha-the USA is supplying them with M1-rifles, maybe? Good grief.

There is no way that the Palestinians have come up with rewarding us for not building. Everything they are doing shows they are our combatants. Their schoolbooks show maps without Israel, only Palestine. Their schools teach hatred of Israelis, or should I just say Jews since to them there is no Israel? Abbas has no clout with Hamas in Gaza who are bent on wiping us out for sure. It's these people that have to impress Netanyahu, not Obama's promises. Ah-I remember his promise to AIPAC's meeting with him. He was going to keep Jerusalem whole for Israel. He has not since backed his statement.

Netanyahu said that if the Palestinian leadership (and does that mean just Abbas or both leaders of Fatah and Hamas) would say unequivocally to its people that it recognizes Israel as THE NATIONAL HOMELAND OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, he would be willing to convene his government and ask for an additional suspension of building. Palestinians have turned down the opportunity again.

Resource: Oregonian Newspaper 10/12/10Netanyahu links freeze, recognition page A4

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