Friday, October 29, 2010

Noam Chomsky No Lawyer

A claim made by Noam Chomsky in 1999 in one of his books is that 93% of the land in Israel is controlled by the state and can only be leased to Jews. Repeating this untruth was Fox News reporter Reena Ninan. She said that: 80% of land in Jerusalem is marked for Jewish neighborhoods and cannot be purchased by Palestinians, debunking comments from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat who say the Jerusalem real-estate market is free and open to anyone regardless of national or religious identity.

People are not checking with the law or the background of the law. Camera has done a good job of finding out just what the truth is in the website below.

One interesting fact is that half of Israel is the Negev desert. The United States also has owns its desert in the SW areas.

Under ILA rules and guidelines, legal residents of Israel, including Palestinian residents, are treated exactly the same as citizens of Israel. And, as even Ir Amim admits, Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are Israeli residents.

I believe that law in Israel is more complicated than in the USA. You have the old Ottoman Law still being used in many cases as well as Israel's laws. I imagine real estate is very complicated. It's counter-productive to keep spreading lies that creep up in so many books. The truth is coming out at last.

I think Israel goes to great lengths to treat Palestinians in Israel democratically considering that Abbas refuses to recognise Israel and that Hamas in Gaza are striving to wipe Israel out. In fact, Abbas's maps show no Israel at all which is part of the brain washing going on in the schools in Judea/Samaria and East Jerusalem. The democratic values are only going one way. I'm still waiting for the Palestinians to treat Israel fairly.

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