Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Arabs Threaten Israel Over Temple Mount: East Jerusalem Riots

by Nadene Goldfoot
Angrier now that Abbas got nowhere with Obama with Israel building in Jerusalem and elsewhere, the Arabs are now threatening with rioting using al-Aqsa mosque as the excuse. This site is revered by both the Muslims and the Jews, and the Muslims regard Jews visiting there intolerable.

This site is the place also called the "Temple Mount" where the Temple in Jerusalem once stood. Israeli police evidently have had to keep Muslims out due to the volatile behavior of the populace. For the Muslims, it is their 3rd holiest site because Mohammed Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa during the Night Journey. (Wikipedia).

There was no problem during the recent Muslim holiday of Ramadan and Muslims had access to the site. Now the Jewish holiday of Succot has started and the Muslims of Israel and surrounding countries are threatening with riots as since Sunday the Israeli police have had to curtail their visits there due to their threats backed up with their rioting.

I notice that many Arab websites have reported on this situation with threats, but Israel websites are few and far between. It could be the start of another infifada. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said Tuesday he did not believe the recent wave of riots sweeping through the capital signaled the beginning of a third intifada.

What has happened is that some Jews have tried to enter there to pray. One of my relatives, Stanley Goldfoot, had been a member of the Temple Mount group and had been there when alive. He would be there now if he could. His group believes they have the same rights as the Muslims to pray there. Israel has tried to keep things cool and have come down harder on its own people just in order to keep things peaceful.

Notice who is protesting the Jewish attempted visits. Palestinian leaders have issued a series of warnings in the past week after clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City between Israeli police and protesters, over alleged attempts by Jewish religious activists to enter the site. According to the Jerusalem Post, rioting started with an Arab boy stabbing a man in the neck. Riots broke out in places after that. Visits to the mosque are restricted to Arab men over 50 today.

My comment is this: If Arabs cannot tolerate Jews praying at the same site they pray at, and this involves "G-d", how in the heck does Obama and other leaders think that they would make good neighbors of Israel? We cannot pray in the same local and this is a peaceful display of religious behavior. They hate us. They do not tolerate us. This is happening in a city that has been associated with Jews since King David, for heaven's sake. Jews have given them more than their fair share of religious rights, but it has not changed their attitudes or behaviors. In fact, they have the exquisite ability to turn the tables and blame the Jews for their rioting! What more do they want? Do I dare to pose the question? We all know what they want: all of Jerusalem, and why? Because it is Israel's city, that's why.

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