Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Goldstone Report Smears: A Shunda

Nadene Goldfoot
The Goldstone Report that recently came out of the United Nations as a review of the Gaza War is as expected, considering the source, only worse. Since so many participants are prejudiced against Israel, this is what the little country continually faces. If we're ever judged fairly, it'll probably mean that the Messiah has arrived.

1. Facts are that Hamas fighters did use civilian clothes when fighting Israel. Even journalists saw this.
2. The areas where attacks were being launched were known to Palestinian witnesses and video tapes. That's how Israel found them.
3. Palestinians fired from hospitals and when using ambulences. This was also seen by eyewitnesses.
4. Weapons were stored in a mosque. A 2nd explosion of mosques is consistent with the storage of explosives. There is video evidence of this.
5. Israel brought in humanitarian aid. The amount even increased months after the war ended. The terrorists assert that it decreased. This is false and disingenuous.
6. There are many documented cases of Palestinian militants being killed in clashes in the neighborhood with their own people. They try to assert that the Zeitoun area is pacifist and had no militant groups or rocket fire. If anyone believes that the young Palestinians are pacifists, I have a bridge to sell to you called the Brooklyn.
7. Palestinian eyewitnesses and Israel say that the Fakhoura area was used to fire at Israel and that combatants were killed in the Israeli strike.

The Goldstone Report is made of people that have used double standards. They have produced a very distorted and one-sided document favoring the Palestinian terrorists who have been shelling Israel for the past seven years. They have dismissed admisions of Palestinian guilt and accepted only the denials. One example is of a Palestinian fighter using human shields.

If the information given even suggests Israeli culpability, it is believed but never if information suggests Palestinian guilt.

Contradictions and lies given by Palestinians or pro-Palestinian sources are dismissed or ignored. Anything from Israel can be called a contradiction and a falsehood and is used to blast Israel's credibility.
Palestinian political leaders' statements have not been used to show evidence. The same is not held true for Israel.

Photographs from Israel are not used to determine that what they show are evidence, but no doubt was ever cast on photos from Palestinians. They said they reviewed 1,200 photographs.

They are accusing Israel of discrimination against women because it struck elements of Gaza's food and water infrastructure. It did not charge the Palestinians with violating the convention and should have.
The Goldstone Report is out to justify accusing Israel of war crimes. They have avoided anything smacking of a misdeed from the Palestinians, like the past 7 years of attacking Israel. They will not charge Hamas and other PLO groups of violating international law.

They leave out facts where it is important. Language is played with. They went back to when Sharon visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and complained that it is the 3rd most sacred place in Islam and he dared to visit it. Goodness! They left out the fact that it IS the holiest site in Judaism.

We call the recent building of a wall a barrier. It has been very successful in keeping out suicide bombers and terror attacks and was built to protect its citizens from being killed or injured. They refer to it as a wall and we call it a barrier. The majority of it is a fence. They used "wall" almost 50 times and "barrier" 3 times. They never mentioned "fence".

The report claims that Hamas recognizes Israel when in fact they refuse to and never have. Even Hamas tried to clarify this fact only to have the Report say otherwise. Are we surprised that they haven't really listened?

Reference: CAMERA Alert: Goldstone Report- a Study in Duplicity: http://www.camera.org/.

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