Monday, February 25, 2008

Terrorists Use Human Shields
Palestinian terrorists have made it a practice to use human shields for their own protection while they fire rockets at Israel. In the fight against terrorism, Israel had sometimes accidently killed the terrorists' homes and cars in their counter-strikes. Israelis have an inate moral feeling for their enemy. Left-wing groups have been quick to criticize their own army, so the Air Force has upgraded their weapons and can now strike terrorists with minimal or no collateral damage.
Terrorists had better watch out. They can now be pinpointed much better. Israel also has devices they have developed that can find explosives without causing danger to themselves.
One thing that worries me is the human chain the Gazans had planned along the border. They have recently broken the fence between themselves and Egypt, and probably are planning to do the same to gain entrance into Israel. The Gazans had hoped for 40,000-50,000 people to turn out, but only about 4,500 did. Probably every Israeli man must have been on milueem and stationed there. It probably looked like a confrontation. Though it turned out to be peaceful, the rockets continued shelling Israel causing injury to a little boy.
The Palestinians's goal is to see Israel eliminated. Yet they cry to the world about Israel's blockade In return, Israel will not have any dialogue with them until they change their attitude. Because of all the rockets fired into Israel, Israel has limited supplies of fuel and other goods into Gaza. The Hamas terrorists had made matters worse by fighting against the Fatah terrorists who were more accepting of Israel. Hamas is saying to Israel, "I hate you. Be dead. We will do everything to destroy you, " and then they wonder why Israel does such things as have blockades and condemns them for it.
In the meantime, Lebanon is causing Israel worry by their threatening posture. I'd say that the Israeli scientists have created aids just in time.

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