Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Paschal Lamb, Sderot
What Israel Is Doing About It
Israel has been hit innumerable times by rockets since 2005, yet the Palestinian authority of Abbas is doing nothing about it but watching and threatening Israel if they retaliate. They tell us that we're harming the peace process. What peace?
Israel has been at a standstill, afraid to act as a normal country for fear of "hurting the peace process." Since no one it stopping the shelling, it has decided to build more than 1,000 homes in East Jerusalem. Now, this is making the Palestinians mad, and so what? Peace talks mean nothing when Israel is continually shelled and people are dying, maimed and shell-shocked into PTSD. For every rocket fired into Israel, I would build 100 more homes in Jerusalem. Maybe then they would get the message. They love to die as then they are martyrs, but homes? That they are fussing about profusely. We hate to kill, so in order to ease our conscience, it has been decided that Israel will also build a new city for Arab residents. This has never been done before. It will be in the Galilee. Israel has 1.2 million Arabs that are descendants of the 160,000 Palestinians who stayed in the Jewish state after the 1948 war when the rest of the Arabs fled after being told by their leaders to flee and then come back when the Arabs had won the war. Israel now has 7 million people. Sheetrit is the minister in charge from the Kadima party in Israel.
In the meantime, Sderot continues to be shelled. Israel is very disappointed that their act of evacuating from the Gaza Strip had not caused the Palestinians to build the infrastructure for a state and show their willingness to coexist with Israel. They traded land for terror instead of receiving peace. Tuesday, on the 7th of February, 20 Kassam rockets landed in the Western Negev, and one hit a garage next to a home in Sderot, which caught on fire and sent three people into shock. Just Wednesday, on February 8th, two homes in Sderot were hit by Kassam rockets. It caused the man inside to suffer from chest pains and was taken to the hospital. Two other residents fell down while looking for shelter from the rockets. Several people suffered from shock. The rockets do not have to be atomic sized to cause harm. They may not be from the USA stockpiles, but they are causing great harm nevertheless. Will all this shelling cause the residents to flee, leaving the city vacant for the vultures to take over? I think not. In the meantime, Olmert's constituants are not happy with the government for not responding to the attacks. They are threatening to topple the government. Can you blame them?
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