Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hezbollah Threatens Israel With Destruction
Hezbollah is a true bully. It feels they can kill but not be killed, or woe to anyone who defends themselves. Since Lebanon's Imad Mughniyeh, a top militant leader, was killed, Hezbollah blames Israel. They say it is a part of Israel's plan to make war on Lebanon now. Hezbollah's chief said Israel was destined to disappear.
Israel has been quite busy guarding the boarder of Gaza and Israel. Hamas, the terrorist group in Gaza, continues to fire rockets into Israel while Israel has only used economic pressure and military blockade in return. The Islamist terrorists control Gaza now, but have asked the European Union to pressure Israel to lift this. They do not plan to stop the bombing, however. It's all one way.
Because of all the threats, Israel has to tighten its security everywhere. Planes have had to tighten security. One thing that they have had to do is keep Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem shut, though they had promised to reopen them under the peace plan. I wonder if they understand why they can't be opened now. The area is not peaceful. They are surrounded by terrorists who threaten them with extinction. Israel can never let down its guard.
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