Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hamas Abuses Own People
For the sake of propaganda, Hamas is abusing its own people in Gaza. In January they staged a picture of the Hamas government meeting by candlelight to emphasize the limited electricity they are receiving from Israel. The sunshine is seen coming in from the window curtains being it was 1:00pm. In other pictures show protests in the streets and Palestinians marching down sidewalks with everyone carrying a lit candle. However, a streetlight is shining in the background.
They have found that to play the part of the victim brings in positive publicity for their cause. Hamas actually forced businneses to close. They want to keep people thinking they are on the edge of starvation so ordered bakeries to close for two days in a row. Actually they were preventing people in this way to be able to buy bread. They created their own crisis by doing this.
In truth, there is enough fuel and flour for the bakeries to keep running for two more months, though Hamas leaders have stolen most of the fuel to fill their own cars. They've even stolen medicine supplies from hospitals in Gaza.
At first, Israel was going to limit fuel supplies, so the Israeli fuel company, Dor, offered the Palestinians shipments of gasoline which they refused! It interferred with their "poor you" policy.
Where does Gaza get its electrical power? They have an electrical plant in Gaza and Israel sends sends them power to run it. 2/3 of Gaza's electricity comes directly from Israel. 70% of the fuel we send to Gaza is still flowing, even during the border closings. It wasn't Israel who turned off the electricity; Hamas ordered the power plant in Gaza to shut down its turbines. Since the rest of their electricity comes from Egypt, this really did not matter. The Gaza plant is really not productive. It's sort of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
The people do not seem to be so penniless as we think. When they broke down the fence and got into the Egyptian side, they spent more than $100 million in the first few days. Hamas people have lots of money. They've been seen to have suitcases full of millions of dollars. Terrorists are well fed and housed. Maybe that's why they become terrorists.
They have announced that what they want sent to them is not food or medicine. They only want weapons, men and money. They continue to smuggle in arms. In fact, in July 2007 Hamas kept more than 60 trucks of Israeli fruit and veggies from arriving on the Kerem Shalom crossing.
Gazans certainly have voted in the right leadership. They will continue to suffer through their own hands.
Reference: Mitchell Bard: Myth: Crisis in Gaza is Israel's fault.

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