Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahmadinejad's Talking Like Hitler
President Ahmadinejad of Iran has called Israel a black and dirty microbe. He said we are the Zionist regime and that we are unleashed like a savage animal onto the nations of the region. This was broadcast on Iran's national TV station.
This type of talk has spurred the underlings of Ahmadinejad. A general who is the commander of all of Iran's armed forces said that the world will soon hear of the Zionist's destruction. This was alluding to nuclear or radioactive weapons. Another chief called Israel a cancerous microbe.
This threatening eruption of language might be in response to the fact that Mughniyeh, the Iranian terror tactician was killed. Israel has been accused of the death though they deny it. Whether we did it or not, we're accused. Their comment was that they, the Iranians, are a pure and pious people and accuse Israel of celebrating his death. My comment is that Israel never celebrates the death of its enemies. We learned that lesson long ago when we cheered when Moses led us across the water and the Egyptians were drowned. We were told not to cheer or celebrate an enemy's death. They matter also. So I think that Ahmadinejad, who would cheer if something happened to a Jew, thinks that we would do likewise. What he doesn't understand is that we are just the opposite in every way.
Iran is bragging that they are into nuclear warfare. They claim that now Tehran has a center to work on a nuclear bomb, and they were setting up a center to produce warheads. Is our UN listening? Where are the inspectors? They have been threatening us for a long time, now and calling wolf. Someday that wolf may actually appear!
Reference: Debka file from gerardrobins. DEBKAfile is an Israeli based English language open source military intelligence website. (from Wikopedia)

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