Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lebanon Shooting Rockets into Northern Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

Sunday morning, which is a good 10 hours ahead of USA time, was the time when Lebanon terrorists shot 2 rockets almost reaching Kiryat Shimona that landed west of this town housing a department store similar to the USA's Macy's.  When I lived in Safed from 1980-1985, we would drive up there which is quite close to the Lebanon border to shop. This town had been hit many times.  It had been attacked by rockets so many times  that our friend from the Teacher's Program, who had gone there to visit, wound up stuck in a bomb shelter for about a week and was unable to leave during that time.  Many Westerners live in Kiryat Shimona.

Now this morning by Israel time, 5 rockets were shot at Israel from this northern state of Lebanon and one landed in Israel.  Usually all the attacks have been coming from Gaza into southern Israel.  It is a sad thing to see this starting up from Lebanon once again.

Israel retaliated as warned the same day.


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