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What? Me Worry About the Iranian Deal? Yes, Worry and Also Worry About North Korea!

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          

People all over the world are suffering from anxiety about the nuclear agreement between the major large countries and Iran and wonder why it should be supported.  They are also worried about the start of a never-ending world war because of it.  It doesn't help that biblical prophesy has pointed out the end of the world at this time.  Atomic weapons only encourage this type of thinking.

So far, nothing has been signed.  There's just been a lot of talk.  When will it take effect?  Right now Iran isn't stopping anything.  The machinery is still doing its job.  Sanctions are being lifted anyway. Iran is receiving its bonus money of $7 billion dollars in sanction relief.   Countries are chomping at the bit to do business with Iran.  The deal was to be for this 6 month period only, and then final matters would be settled upon.

The final deal is a "huge concession and it says that it will involve a mutually defined enrichment program with mutually agreed parameters."  Enrichment only means to have the capability of making a bomb.  It is centered on the fuel cycle.  Iran has made no promise to stop working on ballistic missiles or weapons.  The nuclear program has 3 parts:  the fuel is one of them.  Then there is the warhead and the delivery system.  During these next 6 months they can do whatever it wants to work on like these last 2 items.

They are very close to reaching the nuclear threshold now.  Remember the line Netanyahu showed at the UN Conference that was televised?  They are only about 1 or 2 months away from this goal.  Mohamamad Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister said that when sanctions started Iran had less than 200 centrifuges.  Today they have 18,800 that have been added, so sanctions did not stop them.

The only thing sanctions seemed to do was to bring Iran to the negotiation table in Geneva and get some publicity.  Obama thought they were "crippling sanctions:, but that turns out to be a lie.  This is why Netanyahu has made the Iran situation his number one priority.  Amos Yadlin, Israeli expert said that Iran is on the verge of producing a bomb.   So the window of opportunity of stopping them is now closed.  The country most likely to be hit by Iran is Israel.  The statement of Obama's about having Israel's back seems to fade into the sunset.   Second in line would be USA targets nearby.  What is left to do other than worry?

The USA has also allowed North Korea to gain atomic capabilities and that is also a country with an evil empire.  The USA entered into the Korean War from 1950-1953.  Previously in August 1945, it had used the new atomic discovery, THE A BOMB on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan to bring the war to an end  The USA had nuclear weapons stored in South Korea, and now they have their own.  North Korea, the enemy in this war, just celebrated on July 27, 2013 the Armistice Day of this war between their North and South.  They continue to be an unstable government now ruled by the spoiled son, Kim Jong-un b: 1983, whose father was Kim Jong-il  who is following in his father's footsteps but is even more cruel and hard to figure out.   Kim just ousted his own uncle from his government position.  "Tensions between North and South Korea soared this year as Pyongyang reacted angrily to tightened United Nations sanctions imposed in response to its latest nuclear test.   The two sides are still technically at war after the 1950-1953 Korean War ended in a mere truce, not a treaty.  North Korea has been helping Iran with their atomic goals for the past 10 years.  

This Iranian Deal  does not give us any indication that it will impede Iran's capabilities to manufacture the A bomb.  Instead, Israel may have to decide on military action in order to prevent being hit by an A bomb since Iran has been so obvious about their intentions to destroy this tiny country.  The possibility that the deal could lead to de-nuclearization is extremely remote, especially now that sanctions have been lifted.  It was the sanctions that drove them to the table in the first place and sanctions might have ended their desire to kill off a whole country as not being worth the trouble.  But now, it's probably full steam ahead for the next 6 months, and then the haggling, of which Iran is a master of, will begin.  June will be another worrisome month.                                                                    
Maybe Iran and North Korea are singing this song, now, from St. Vincent Lyrics
"C'est la vie
What me worry?  I never do
Life is one charming ruse for us lucky few."

Or perhaps the big 5 and Kerry will be singing this stanza in 6 months, 
Have I fooled you, dear? 
The time is coming near when I'll give you my hand and I'll say, 
"It's been grand, but...I'm out of here
I'm out of here." 

Resource: Blomberg's 6 Reasons to Worry about the Iranian Nuclear Dear by Jeffrey Goldberg, Dec 3, 2013

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