Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel Hit Convoy of Missiles Headed for Shelling Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
NBC TV news just reported that Israel's jets almost flew as far as Damascus today and bombed a convoy of huge missiles waiting to be used against Israel.  They may have even carried chemicals in the nose.  The missiles were shown on the report.  To my eyes they were huge.

Israel National News reported that the Syrian army has accused Israel of launching a dawn strike with fighter jets  and hitting a military research centre in Jamraya, near Damascus.   This center, they said, is in charge of raising their level of resistance and self-defense.  That's jibberish for the missiles that Iran wants aimed at and used against Israel by Hizbollah..

Evidently they are saying that Israel had damaged the building when we know it was the whole convoy of missiles.  They are denying the reports that the convoy was from  near the border with Lebanon.   The USA is not commenting, either.  Israel's military intelligence chief is Aviv Kochave who is in Washington to talk with General Martin Dempsey.   Jay Carney from the White House is passing any questions and giving them to Israel.  Reports earlier said the convoy was carrying Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles.  That could be, but they come from Iran.

A report that has come in from last Friday, the day of Israel's elections, was that Fordow, the atomic plant in Iran, had had an explosion.  Iran has been denying that also.  Israel has been announcing this event.  Afterwards, "A request was made to [Hezbollah chief Hassan] Nasrallah to vacate southern Lebanese villages.
Islamic Republic Guards are on their way there. A decision has been made to prepare for missile launch from a certain area in Lebanon against Israel,” he said."  I believe this has been what's been going on. The convoy went  from Lebanon to Syria.  
Whatever caused the Fordow explosion is not known.  Everyone except Israel has been denying the event.  Whoever or whatever the cause is, is a blessing as it must set back Iran's plans to make an A bomb to use against Israel.  We just had a 3.7 earthquake where I live.  It could even have been an earthquake way under the mountain where Fordow is.  We'll never know.  The story is that the elevator and stairs are in shambles and that several hundred people are trapped inside.  Smoke has been seen coming from the area.
NBC News, 5:00pm

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