Friday, October 26, 2012

Gaza's Weapons Store is Sudan: Mysterious Attack On It

Nadene Goldfoot
Sudan, in Africa, is the 8th largest Muslim-majority country in the world with 43,939,598 people who happen to have 70% of the population as Sunni Muslims following the Maliki fiqh like most African states.  Islam is not considered the state religion, though.  Way back in 1885, the Mahdi "compelled" Jews and Christians there to convert to Islam.  Sudan had a Jewish community  dating from the end of the 19th century, but few if no Jews live there today. In 1991 Sudan became the vanguard of Islam revolution  on the African continent with Hasan al Turabi's help.  From 1992-1996 he invited  al-Qaeda which was  then based here.

After a coup d'etat by Colonel Omar al- Bashir who executed it for the sake of Muslim values, bin Laden helped Sudan by setting up businesses and camps.  According to Pakistani Ijaz, the Sudanese government offered Madeline Albright chances to arrest bin laden which she wanted to do, but Susan Rice and Richard Clarke were against the idea.

Weapons have been going from the Sudan, defined as a hostile state by Israel,  to Gaza to use against Israel.  Sudan's government have accused Israel of attacking their convoys in 2009 and last December 2011.  Last Spring they accused Israel of targeting a car carrying a high-ranking Hamas official there.  It has become a transit spot for weapons smuggling, going through Egypt to get to Gaza.  Also,Sudan  has become a center for al-Qaida terrorists.

Sudan is threatening to strike Israel over a recent bombing on Wednesday of a weapons factory in Khartoum. Two were killed in the attack.   By doing this they are admitting to making weapons.  They say they have the right to strike back, remarked their Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman on Wednesday. They immediately asked the US Security Council to condemn Israel.  Their complaint cited that the attack was a violation of peace and security.  How do you like that?

To top it off, our present US government thinks that Sudan is a partner in the War on Terror and thinks they cooperate with us.

Because of the violence in Sudan, 2 million people were displaced and 450,000 have died.  By 2004 the American Jewish World Service was there helping out in camps in Sudan and Chad.  A complication has been the tens of thousands of refugees that swarmed into Israel from 2005 on  because of all the fighting from a civil war going on there. Refugee status has been given to 650.   In 2008 4,000 infiltrated into Israel through Egypt of which 1,200 alone came from Darfur.  The rest of the refugees were Christians from southern Sudan. Not all were found to be political refugees.   The flood has continued but in February of this year, the conditions changed for the better in Sudan so that Israel told them they must repatriate,  go back home.  Israel would give each $1,300 and a plane ticket back or risk being deported. Most have been refusing to leave.  This is certainly a situation that Israel hadn't thought of in the midst of all their other threats to their existence.

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