Sunday, October 07, 2012

Anti-Semite Terrorist in France Killed

Nadene Goldfoot
Last month on September 19th an anti-Semite terrorist threw a grenade into a kosher grocery shop in Sarcelles, near Paris.  Yesterday the French police found the culprit through DNA results plus past history and raided his apartment.  Jeremie Louis-Sidney, 33, fired at the police with a a.357 Magnum pistol when they entered his apartment in Strasbourg and they shot back, killing him.

The police were busy that night, raiding around Paris, Nice and Cannes and rounding up 11 suspects.  They even found a list of Paris-area Israeli associations during the raid to be used by radical Islamists who recently converted to Islam.  Jeremie had been under the police radar since last spring as he had been sentenced to prison for 2 years in 2008 for drug trafficking and converted to Islam while in jail.

The grocery attack happened last month and the poorly made anti-Islamic video's reprisals just happened recently though about 8 minutes of the video has been online for several months already.  Cartoons had been published in a French satirical magazine of centering on Islam.    These are not reasons for any reprisals other than looking into themselves in some sort of  self evaluation.  There was no reason for picking on harming Jews other than plain old anti-Semitism that still hangs on.

Resource:  Oregonian Sunday newspaper, page A9, French cops kill gunman during anti=terrorism raid by Steven Erlanger, NY Times

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