Friday, October 12, 2012

A 60 Rockets Week in Southern Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Southern Israel has had 60 rockets rain down on them this week, ending the week on Shabbat at 7:30 pm during dinner with sirens going off in Netivot.  Two grad missiles landed.  One woman suffered shock so badly that paramedics had to be called.

These rockets and missiles from Gaza get to the terrorists from Egypt through tunnels.  The usual type are 122mm Grad rockets with a range of about 25 miles.  This type of artillery has been used since the days of Viet Nam  in the 1960's to today in Southern Israel and Syria. A 5 man crew is needed for some types and there are those that have a range of 251 miles.  

This is not the first time Netivot has been hit this year. Earlier a rocket fell near a school.   They have been targeted  since 2008.  This city of 26,700 lies between Beersheva and Gaza. Beersheva is the 7th largest Israeli city of 194,300 people and lies in the Negev desert.  The distance between Gaza and Beersheva is only 15.8 miles.   Beersheva is only 59 miles from Tel Aviv or 52 miles from Haifa. It's only 34 miles away from Jerusalem.   Everything is close in Israel.


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