Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swedish Muslim Possible Bomber of Israeli Bus in Bulgaria

Nadene Goldfoot
Mehdi Ghezali, 36 year old Stockholm, Swedish born Muslim welder  whose parents were Algerian and Finnish has been fingered as the suicide bomber of the Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria and a Hezbolla operative.  That wouldn't surprise me one bit as Malma, Sweden, is full of Muslims who hate Jews and have driven out many of them.  Jews had found safety in Sweden from the 2nd world war days and many had settled in Malma.

Sweden of course is denying that he is the bomber, but they can't find him.  Netanyahu is blaming Iran, who supports Hezbolla.  Iran is denying involvement in this Burgas attack which means nothing as they always deny involvement in Israeli assassinations.  For months they have been trying to mass murder Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus..  This time 5 Israelis including a pregnant woman were blown to smithereens  as well as the Bulgarian tour guide and the bomber.  Some 30 were injured and flown back to Israel.  It's possible he didn't mean to be killed in the placing of the bomb on the bus.  DNA tests are being used for identification.

Ghezali had arrived in Bulgaria 5 weeks before the bombing and got to the airport by taxi.  Somebody else gave him the bomb.  That somebody must have known of the habits of Israel using the Bulgarian seaport as a tour place at this time of year, which tells me that someone at the resort may have been in on it.  Israelis have used the resort for high school graduates before they go into the service.

Ghezali had a fake American passport and a fake Michigan driver's license.  He has a wikipedia page showing past involvements and was held in Guantanamo Bay detainment camp in Cuba in 2002.  He attended a Muslim religious school and mosque in Britain before traveling to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan where he was captured.  Sweden had dropped all charges against him for criminal misconduct before his capture.

The authorities even have a video clip of him walking around before the blast at the Burgas International Airport.  He had a backpack, and was casually dressed wearing a baseball cap and had long dark hair and a slight mustache.

Israeli and Bulgarian officials are investigating the attack.  The FBI and CIA have joined them as well.  The police may have come to the conclusion that this man was the suicide bomber after reading his rap-sheet and knowing that he was seen in the airport just before the bombing and not found afterwards, do you think?

It has been brought to my attention that this attack on Israelis has not warranted enough interest in our local papers or TV to make the news, though it has been reported on the web.  Evidently Israelis can be murdered without much interest to the rest of the world, which is a shunda.  That Israelis cannot travel or vacation without fear outside of Israel is a terrible shame.  Of course the land most likely to be responsible is the one who has cursed and hated it the most:  Iran.  It's not a puzzlement to Israel but the obvious.  .

Resource: Arutz Sheva Bulgaria:  Iran-Financed Hizbullah Behind Terror Attack by Chana Ya'ar

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