Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Israeli Bus bombed in Bulgaria: 6 Dead

Nadene Goldfoot
Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black Sea,  is a state that trades with Israel. It used to be a part of the Ottoman Empire also, and then later became a Communist state, now gone Democratic.   I remember loving the Bulgarian jam that I bought in Israel in the 1980's.  Not long ago Israelis could be tourists in Egypt, but I wouldn't recommend it today.  Since Israeli tourists can't visit its own neighbors,  Bulgaria was a destination for a trip.  154 Israeli tourists flew from Tel Aviv to the Burgas airport in Bulgaria and were aboard one of 7 Israeli tour buses by 5pm when it was bombed by terrorists.  They had been headed for a resort some 30 miles away.

Now 6 people are reported  killed and 32 injured with 3 in ICU when the bomb exploded Wednesday.  A suspicious package was found on the bus.  Dan Shenar, head of security at the Israeli Transportation Ministry had requested some increased security when they found it.

Israel has feared that Hezbollah would attack Israelis in connection with the 4th anniversary of the assassination of Imad Mughniyah, their military commander and have blamed Israel's Mossad.  There was a Hezbollah plot earlier uncovered.  Hezbollah may be from Lebanon, but they get their support from Syria and Iran.   Also, today was the anniversary of an attack 18 years ago in Buenos Aires when the Jewish Community Center was bombed, killing 85 people.


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