Thursday, November 18, 2010

Qassam Rocket Attacks From Gaza in 2010
Nadene Goldfoot

Rockets have been fired from Gaza constantly all during 2010 from the first of January to this date. Operation Cast Lead did not deter the enemy. This means that all of Southern Israel has been under attack for the past 11 months of this year. The areas of Sderot and Ashkelon are the places that most artillery fall. Though actual buildings may not be hit, the psychological effect is most unnerving. One never knows if the next one will hit you.

Just in this month of November, 7 rockets and mortar shells were fired on Israel. Yesterday, being the 18th in Israel, 3 mortar shells hit the areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. Luckily, no damages or injuries resulted, except the extra beating of hearts of citizens in the area living on the edge.

Israel retaliated and our air strike took out two militants in Gaza City. They belonged to the Army of Islam, this group being copycats of Al-Qaeda. The result is that Israel has received threats in broken Hebrew from the group in that jihad will continue. This is a first to receive threats in Hebrew, even though most Gazans can speak it.

Israel has endured attacks throughout the land since 1948, yet a Portlander called Israel the "bully" today in the Oregonian's Letters to the Editor. I don't think people read anything except something that comes up telling them that Israel is so bad. Facts will just confuse them. It's truly disgusting. We need a public relations office.,_2010

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