Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ashkelon, Israel: Population 110,000 Continues to be Hit
Portland, Oregon's sister city, Ashkelon, has been hit yesterday by at least two missles while the rest of southern Israel was hit by about a dozen others. These rockets and mortar rounds pounded Israel while Abbas and Netanyahu met with Hillary Clinton in Egypt for the 2nd round of peace talks. As far as I know, no one has been injured, which is a miracle with so many coming in.
The Gazan terrorists are determined not to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and continue to fight against Israel. Israel Defense Forces targeted tunnels running under Gazaa's border with Egypt. Terrorists use these to smuggle weapons and terrorists. The terrorists have claimed responsibility for two terror attacks on the eve of the Sept 2nd launch of peace talks.
Gazan terrorists get money from Iran, who back them. Iran also is backing the Southern Lebanon Hezbollah terrorists.
Ashkelon houses the only hospital in the area where even Gazan terrorists have sought medical help. They seem to be determined to bite the hand that feeds them.
Reference: The Israel Project

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