Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Palestinians Really Aim For

According to the new PLO ambassador to Lebanon, Abdullah Abdullah, as quoted from September 9, 2010 Al-Hayat Al-Jadida from Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, the Palestinians do not have peace as a goal.
This is just a stage in their struggle against Israel.

Israel will experience what South Africa experienced. It will become isolated. They are threatening its legitimacy and are presenting it as a rebellious racist state. They are heaping war crimes on Israel. This is shown because many senior positioned Israelis are afraid to travel to Europe for fear of being put on trial for war crimes. One must remember that this man has just spoken about the Fatah, who were called PLO and were under Arafat who live in the Judea/Samaria or West Bank and are involved with peace talks with Netanyahu.

I discovered that Abdullah Abdullah has just recently taken on this position. Unless there are two Abdullah Abdullahs, he is a doctor from Afghanistan that is also a politician. He is known for having challenged the President of Afghanistan, H. Karzai, in recent elections and lost.

There is an embassy of Palestine in Lebanon. They have two Palestinian representatives. There was the Palestinian Ambassador Sharif Meshaal and the PLO (Fatah in Judea/Samaria) Abbas Zaki. They just had a farewell party for them both on October 23, 2009, so Abdullah Abdullah must have taken over for the PLO's.

He's working on the "dignity" of the PLO. Evidently Lebanon has a draft law and there are Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. He wants them to "contribute to the Lebanese economic cycle, progress and development. I guess he figures that's okay by them not working but living on aid from the UN. He said this on March 14th in a document when commenting on the Lebanon draft law. He is concerned with their rights.

Reference: (PMW bulletin)

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