Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eastern Jerusalem Erupts
Arabs in the Silwan neighborhood of the Eastern part of Jerusalem stoned a security guard while in his vehicle at 4:00am. They cornered him in an ambush, causing him to shoot one of them, a person who had been in uprisings before.
Most likely the cause of the uproar is the peace talks between Abbas and Netanyahu. There has been unrest ever since they started. Hamas still has influence over Fatah's members and may be instigating them.
These rioters should learn not to attack someone armed. They are playing with fire. This time one died. Being up at 4:00am makes me wonder that possibly they were just waiting for someone to come along to stone.
There was more violence at the funeral. People went wild. The Arabs set two cars and a police vehicle on fire. They damaged the windows in a bus. Ten Israelis were injured. Eight Arabs were arrested.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has suggested strongly that East Jerusalem be the capitol for Palestine. Hillary Clinton backs this idea strongly.

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