Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 2nd Peace Negotiations

Nadene Goldfoot

Right away I see difficulties in this process. I'm sure glad I'm not Netanyahu. Kol a Ka Vod to him if he can stick it out and listen to all this, plus withstand being pressured by all others attending to go along with Palestinian wishes. Here are a few of the main points I've found.

Israel's Expectations

1. First, we ask for recognition, which hasn't been given so far for the past 62 years. Hamas says no. The quartet will ask for it.

2. Security is a necessity. We ask that Palestine demilitarize. Also, we'd need to watch that the Judea Samaria are not getting weapons of destruction. We haven't been able to stop Gaza from getting weapons, though work on it.

3. Water issues to be worked on together

4. Returning Palestinians to settle in Palestine, not Israel.

5. Not dividing Jerusalem, our capitol

Palestinian Expectations

1. Pre-1967 borders for Israel -

2. Palestinians in other countries to return and settle in Israel.

3. Moratoriam on Israel building in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.

4. Water Issues

5. Making Jerusalem their capitol. Keeping Israel from building there.

If the main points can be reached and peace is a given, then I don't see water issues as a big deal. By then there should be cooperation. I just don't see any cooperation or agreements with the other points. Hamas will not recognize Israel until the Messiah comes. I don't think he'll be attending this Sept. 2nd meeting. I don't see any Palestine being created until Hamas comes around and wants to live peacefully, even if the big Four attend this meeting.

Abbas, representing the Judea Samaria (West Bank) was most reluctant to attend this meeting. Netanyahu was ready. I think that's a bad start. I have a feeling this is a lesson in futility to satisfy the big four, but hope I'm wrong. Maybe over a cup of tea they can be civil with each other. They each have to answer to their own people, so it can't be a personal decision.

If by some strange quirk these two make peace and Fatah recognizes Israel and all is well in the world, what will they do when Hamas continues to attack Israel? What will they do when Iran and Syria bring on pressure to Israel? Will they be in a position to help their fellow Arabs?

There are many things to consider. By the way, the creation of Palestine will make it the 49th Muslim state in the world with 50% muslim population or more. Remember, 22 Arab states attacked Israel in 1948. They were the ones closest to Israel.

1:43pm: I just learned that 4 Israeli civilians, including a pregant woman, were killed in Kiryat Arba located in the West Bank (Abbas's Fatah area). Gunmen had shot at a car at short range. In defence of the act, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, congratulated the attackers saying it was a normal reaction to the crime of occupation. My husband did his student teaching in this city. At the time we were living in Haifa. Everything is so close by.

10:20pm: The names of the people slaughtered in their car were Talia and Yitzhak Irnes who had 6 children at home, and Kochava Even-Haim and Aveshai Shendler.

Reference: The Israel Project 8/31/2010, The Israel Project.


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