Monday, August 16, 2010

Peace Talks to Commense between Israel and Palestinians
by Nadene Goldfoot

On August 11th the Oregonian had an article about Israel and Palestinians Peace Talks by Matthew Lee in Washington and Fisnik Abrashi of Sofia, Bulgaria. It was telling how the peace talks were not going to happen. I noted that some adjectives were used that surprised me, such as the "hawkish" Netanyahu when mentioning his name, and the "ceremonial" president Shimon Peres. Such adjectives were not used on other people. Are we just more colorful and need more adjectives to describe us?

Today's article in the Oregonian by Paul Richter out of Washington's McClatchy-Tribune was more factual and longer. The headline, "Israelis, Palestinians expected to resume direct peace talks", did surprise me in that it did not explain the turn around. We know that the Palestinians want pre-conditions and Israel does not. Netanyahu feels that that is what talks are about, to discuss issues, and then after discussion to decide and come to agreements or not. Netanyahu is anxious to start the talks and said to "get on with it." I only get out of this article that Obama is happy the peace talks are resuming. It says that if the talks get stuck, Obama will put forward his own proposals and USA will not be passive bystanders. To me that implies pressure. It's nice to try to bring about peace but I'm not looking forward to anyone pressuring Netanyahu into an intolerable position, and that's the way it is looking to me.
8/16/2010 Oregonian page a9, Israelis, Palestinians expected to resume direct peace talks.

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