Friday, August 06, 2010

Israeli Border Police Again Destroy Homes and Synagogue in Unauthorized Area

by Nadene Goldfoot

In 1929 the Jews of Hebron were masssacred by Muslims. Hebron's history goes back to the bible and is very important to us. It lies south of Jerusalem in the Judean hills and is part of Judea of the Judea/Samaria area so-called "West Bank". This is where Abraham and Sarah and their family are buried. Jews continued to live there. In 1968 Kiryat Arba was founded east of Hebron. They built on an abandoned military base in 1970 and by 1971 were able to move in. 7,000 people lived there by 2006 with about 2,700 Israelis living around the area. This building is in the Judean mountains of Judea/Samaria or so called West Bank area. I remember my husband doing his student teaching in a high school in Kiryat Arba. It was not far from Haifa, where we were attending school. Of course, nothing is far from any place in Israel.

Mitzpe Arihai is a town that some of the 2,700 live in outside of Kiryat Arba. It is considered by Israel as an unauthorized outpost, probably due to all the politicizing with the USA about a "two state solution" with the West Bank being the future home of Palestine. Netanyahu has been trying to negotiate with both Abbas and Obama.

Israeli police have destroyed this town in the last year and a half six times already and these zealots just keep building it again. This time Border Police not only destroyed the homes there but also the synagogue. They raided the area at 2:30am. It's a little too reminiscent of pogroms on Jewish villages in Russia.

It is hard to believe that our own police would treat our own Israelis in such a cruel manner, but I guess that they mean to treat both Arabs and Jews equally in matters of the law. There has been a lot of illegal building done by Arabs in Jerusalem, also. I presume they will or have also received such treatment.
No doubt these determined religious people will build immediately again. They are just trying to live where Jews have always lived before in our history. I believe that under Sharon they would have received their building permits, but this is today.

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