Thursday, August 05, 2010

PLO's Three-Stage Plan to Destroy Israel
Do Palestinians Want the Two States?
In 1974 the PLO had its 12th National Convention. They adopted "The Strategy of Stages."
They wanted to give the Western world the impression that they were moderate. Up to now they had turned down opportunitites to create their own state, but this time they would "agree to set up a Palestinian Arab state in any West Bank and Gaza territory vacated by Israel." Yet they would not recognize Israel in doing so. This would be their first stage of the great plan.
Stage II would include resuming fighting from their closer base which would make it possible for the Arabs to destroy Israel. (They have been doing this by attacking southern Israel with rockets and mortars for the past 6 years. In the last 3 days Israel has been attacked from Lebanon and in Eilat, which has also hit Jordan).
Stage III will be for them to take all of what they call Palestine, which would be the total destruction of Israel. This will be the outcome of the "Two State Solution." The Palestinian Arabs therefore have no intention of there ever being two states: Israel and Palestine, only Palestine.
Reference: from The "Two State Solution": Reality or Delusion? Daily News-Problems of Middle East Peacemaking, Study Paper August 2010 by Arnold M. Soloway-5 pages.

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