Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pro-Palewstinian Activists Aiding Hamas Terrorists Are Provocation and Propaganda Campaign

Nadene Goldfoot
Gaza has no shortage of food or aid. Food, fuel and supplies are constantly coming into the Gaza Strip by international organizations. I just saw pictures of an abundance of food in outdoor shuks, and all sorts of things in their markets.Nevertheless, a group of pro-Palestinian activists called the "Freedom Flotilla are sailing to Gaza to deliver aid to Palestinians, they say. I have a suspician they are trying to get weapons to them.

This flotilla is carrying almost 800 people including 350 Turkish nationals, people from European countries and the Muslim world plus 35 parliamentarians and a number of Israeli Arabs. It consists of 9 ships in the flotilla. This caused Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs director-General Yossi Gal to call in the ambassadors of Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden and Ireland to meetings where he clarified the State of Israel's official position. They declare the flotilla an absolute provocation.

There is no shortage happening in Gaza. The flotilla organizers are invited to dock at the port in Ashdod, Israel where they can unload their cargo and transfer it to Gaza after a security check.If they continue to sail and not follow Israel's instructions, they will be stopped and brought to Israel and dealt with by the Interior Ministry which will return them to the countries they came from. The"Free Gaza" group has refused this offer.

Just to show us how pugnacious they are, when Noam Shalit, Gilad Shalit's father, offered to mediate on the convoy's behalf with the government if they would deliver a parcel and a letter to Gilad. They refused to do it. Gilad has been held prisoner by the Hamas terrorists and is an Iraeli soldier that they had kidnapped.So much for these do-gooders.

Resource: American Jewish Committee
Jerusalem Post-IDF: Terrorists at Gaza flotilla launch

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