Friday, May 21, 2010

Continued Immigrating and Then Kicked Out of Countries: Doctor, We're Insecure!

It all started in 70AD when Rome's attack took over Jerusalem. We were either carted off to Babylon or Rome as slaves, with some able to hide out in our land. We became the wandering Jew. This is why, after 2,000 years, we decided that we needed our home back. This wasn't working.

115 CE: We were kicked out from Cyprus. Somehow we had some of us Jews here.
640: Forced Conversions
721: Forced Conversions
873: Those of us remaining in the Byzantine Empire were forcibly converted to Christianity. Here we were a minority and Christians the majority. People spoke Greek, Aramaic, and we spoke Hebrew.

1096: Crusaders were entering Europe on the way to Jerusalem, German Crusade massacres Jews in European towns. This is when England's King was on the way to Jerusalem. The movie "Robin Hood" tells about it.-Read "The Source": by James Mitchener.

1099: The Jewish community in Jerusalem massacred by the Crusaders.
1146-1391: Spanish Jews forcibly converted to Christianity
1290: Jews were kicked out of England
1306 Jews were kicked out of France.
1355: 12,000 Jews massacred by the mob in Toledo, Spain
1349-1360: Jews kicked out of Hungary
1420: Jewish community annihilated in Toulouse, France-some had returned
1421 Jews kicked out of Austria
1492: 180,000 Spanish Jews kicked out of Spain,
1492: 50,000 Spanish Jews converted to Christianity in order to remain. (Conversos)
1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue: Columbus wrote letters to his son in Hebrew!
1495: Jews kicked out of Lithuania-after being invited there earlier
1497: Jews kicked out of Sicily, Sardinia and Portugal
1502: Jews of Rhodes forcibly converted, expelled or taken into slavery
1541: Jews kicked out of Kingdom of Naples
1648-56: 100,000 Jews murdered in Chmielnicki massacres in Poland (we probably had relatives here)
1727: Jews kicked out of Russia
1747: Jews kicked out of Russia again
1838: All Jews in Meshed, Persia (Iran) forcibly converted to Islam
1871-1921: anti-Jewish attacks: Pogroms in towns of Russia
1882-1890: 750,000 Russian Jews forced to re-settle in the Pale of Russia
1891: Jews kicked out of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
1917: WWI-Jews in Soviet Union denied national identity.
1939-1945: Holocaust-murder of 6,000,000 Jews by German Nazis and European collaborators
1941 Jews in Baghdad attacked by mobs; 180 dead
1948- present-Jews in Arab countries, mass exulsions

Resource: Facts About Israel from information ministry for foreign affairs, Jerusalem.
Note: We were invited into many countries to help them with their economic problems. They needed tax collectors, people to deal with money, etc. They brought us in with high hopes only to dash them later. Main cause was anti-semitism.

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