Tuesday, May 18, 2010

22 Arab States Surrounding Israel

There are 22 Arab states surrounding Israel. Many of them are in Northern Africa. There is only one Jewish state and that is Israel.
There are 48 countries with a Muslim majority. They have from 50% to 100% Muslim majority.
Qatar has a population of 744,029 and has 77.5% Sunni Muslim population. They have a very high GDP per capita of of $80,870.
Saudi Arabia has 27,601.038 people with 100% Sunni Muslims. Their GDP is only$23,243. Iran has 70,495,782 people with a GDP of only $10,624. They have 98% Shi'a Muslims.
Iraq has 31,234,000 people with a GDP of $3,600. They are made of 97% Shii'a Muslims.
Egypt has 77,100,000 people with 90% Sunni Muslims and has a GDP of $5,491.
Syria has 19,405,000 people with a 90% Sunni Muslims and has a GDP of $4,448.
Jordan has 5,568,565 people with 95% Sunni Muslims. they have a GDP of $4,886.
Lebanon has 4,196,453 people with 60% Shia/Sunni. Major Hadad, a Christian, was a friend of Israel when alive. Christians had once been in power. Their GDP is $11,270.
Turkey has 71,517,100 people with 99.8% Sunni Muslim. Their GDP is $12,888.
Israel has 7,587,000 people with 75.4% Jewish, 20.6% Arab Muslims and 4% other minorities and has a GDP of $28,393.

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