Monday, May 17, 2010

Possible Summer Chemical Attack on Israel From Lebanon

Former U.S. General Paul Vallely told about a possible chemical warfare attack on Israel by this summer from Lebanon. He found that Iran's Hezbollah has scud missiles with the range of 450 km which can hit any part of Israel. In the interview by Bill Whittle he told that Iran has a submarine armed with the chemicals.
Israel's 7.5 million citizens have already been given gas masks by their government, so Israel is well aware of what they are planning to do.

He's on a video telling about it. What's terrible about such news is that not only are the citizens of Israel being affected emotionally anticipating such an attack, but that it would also affect the tourism industry which Israel depends on. In this way Iran need not use their weapon; the anticipation of it is enough to damage Israel.
Israelis have been living under such pressures ever since their birth, so they are a pretty tough bunch and have decided not to let such threats ruin their lives, but it will scare off visitors, no doubt. Then again, Israel is obligated to let the world know of its dangers even though it hurts them economically.

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