Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Palestinians Rioting Again In Jerusalem

Palestinians were rioting just before Biden arrived because Israel announced it was fixing historic sites. Palestinians have contributed to the destruction of many a Jewish site over the years, and all need fixing now and then. Palestinians are doing things like dedicating their sites to terrorists who killed lots of Israelis which is also very hurtful to us. We haven't rioted over this, just shake our heads in disgust. It's not a neighborly thing to do at all, but fixing everyone's sites is. Yet they riot. I can't comprehend this behavior.

Now they're rioting in Jerusalem again, incited and empowered by Biden and then Hillary Clinton's chastisements of Netanyahu allowing the announcement of 1,600 apartment units in the allowed Eastern part of Jerusalem. It doesn't take much to give them an excuse to cause trouble. They're rioting more now than they would have with just the announcement, I fear.

I lived in Israel from 1980-1985 and can well believe that Netanyahu didn't know that his interior ministry would make an announcement about the upcoming planned building when it happened, but I think it was a good thing that happened instead of a bad thing. I feel that Biden was steamrolling facts pertaining to things on the table to be discussed in the planned peace talks. This sure brought things out in the open; facts Biden wasn't aware of? Or was he?

Actually, Mitchell was the one to conduct peace talks, and now he's not coming. He's been very one sided anyway, giving special nice treatment to the Palestinians, I feel. I'd like to know what the Irish think of his handling of their situation. Are both sides happy? I think having an Irish group to talk peace with would be much easier at this point. They may have hated each other but they did have a lot in common, even their religion up to a point. They didn't know what hate was like until they know the hate the Palestinians have manifested against Jews. Where else do you find textbooks in grade school with such hate as what the Palestinians have printed? The lies that have been told are believed even more as they are continually told. The Irish didn't have another country encouraging one side to wipe the other into the sea, or supply and threaten to kill them with atomic weapons, either. It's an impossible situation that is quite different from the Irish one. Each situation is unique. Mitchell should know that.

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