Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who Do You Think Your Friends Are?

"In December the White House issued a statement opposing “new construction in East Jerusalem” without delineating where or what East Jerusalem is.
Ramat Shlomo, the neighborhood at the center of the present altercation, is actually in northern Jerusalem, west of the Jewish neighborhoods of Ramot, home to 40,000 Jewish residents. Why does the White House take issue with the construction of housing for Jewish citizens within the boundaries of their
own country?"

Hillary Clinton is said to have chewed out Netanyahu for 45 minutes telling him what he has to do. Look who the boss is. Israel's always in hot water while her neighbors never get yelled at.

Why didn't Clinton jump all over the Jordanians? Ruth Wisse notes that Jordan recently began systematically stripping citizenship from thousands of its Palestinian citizens rather than providing new housing units for them in a land much larger than Israel. I remember the battle Jordan and the Palestinians had quite a few years ago. Now there are more Palestinians living in Jordan than there are Jordanians. the king married a " Palestininan", Queen Noor. Who Do You Think You Are, a genealogy program, just did her genealogy and I discovered that her father was Syrian, born there, and moved his family to the States and died in New York. Does that really make her a "Palestinian?" I would be interested to know just why Jordan is doing this. Problems again with them? Are they hoping to move them back to the Judea Samaria area?


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