Sunday, March 28, 2010

Divided Arabs Difficult to Partner With

Fatah is the "former" terrorist group that was under Arafat. They have moved out of Gaza and into the Judea Samaria section. Do they recognize Israel's right to exist? That's hard to say. They have agreed to #242 and #338 which means they renounce terrorism, but it has happened from some of their people. They call Israel's right to exist just ideology. According to international law as they see it, that concept isn't in the legal bounds. The question asked is is it a legal right or moral right to have come into existence or to remain in existence? They finally accepted the fact that Israel came into existence legally on Nov 15, 1988 when they declared a Declaration of Independence. This declaration provides for two states, one Arab and one Jewish. They have refused to say that Israel had a moral right to come into being because this would affirm the Zionist movement. This was viewed by the international community as the case, but no Palestinians in the world believed it then, and their leaders saw to that by promoting attacks to drive Israel into the sea.

Unfortunately, Fatah is only about half of Palestinians. We have the Hamas and other terrorists in Gaza who refuse to recognize us or not stop attacking. They themselves are a divided people. So making peace with Fatah is just one part of a predicament. It's hardly a deal. Why doesn't the Arab League pressure them to go along with Abbas? Will this ever happen? Without this piece, there is no peace for Israel. They are continuing their attacks.

Just around the bend lie more Arab countries. Now Syria and Libya are pressuring the Palestinians to not talk with Israel about peace but to resume armed fighting. The Palestinians in Gaza are following this order and just fired two rockets and clashes in Khan Yunis in southern Israel. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and one is fighting for his life.

At the same time the Arab League says it is backing the land for peace initiative with Israel. Here we go, being expected to give up more land, and this now is land from East Jerusalem for peace. Palestinians want this piece to be their capital of their future state. They want all this before they even sit down to talk, which is not in the cards right now.

Abbas's aide Nabil Abu Rdeneh dismissed the pressure from Gadhafi of Libya and Abbas of Syria. Yet he said that if Syria and Libya declare war on Israel the Palestinians would follow. So what will happen with such neighbors sitting virtually in Israel's laps if they take part of Jerusalem is that the enemy would be that much closer. There is no possibility of neighborliness.

Abbas has already stated that there will be no peace deal with Israel until we move out of east Jerusalem. We also live there, but they want this to be Judenrein, free of Jews. It doesn't matter to them or the world that we have over one million Arabs living in Israel as citizens. I can see why Netanyahu told Obama right off that we would continue to build on our own land.

I lived in Binyon 13, or building 13 in Safed and had Arabs living in our building. This won't happen in the future Palestine. Yet Obama has pressured Netanyahu to go along with this nightmare of a demand of stopping all building on what is our very own land full of Jews.

We moved lock, stock and barrel out of Gaza which only brought us the nightmare of eight years of hellish rockets raining on southern Israel. Before that we moved Israelis in the act of land for peace which got us nothing. We move and Palestinians attack us in better and closer positions. This expectation of Obama would earn him more cudos with the Arabs and points with Americans, but wouldn't get us anything but destruction. I think we're too smart for this. It's time the Palestinians did something that would benefit us. Give us guarantees up the gazoozoo by recognition and promise of peace with a time period to show they mean it. The biggest thing we need is a non-violent neighbor to give us peace.

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