Monday, February 15, 2010

Arms For Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
First off, most of the money from the United States to Israel has been in the form of loans which Israel has paid back. What hasn't had to be paid back has been in the form of grants.

The first arms sale by the U.S. government to Israel was in 1962 by J.F. Kennedy. This was in response to the fact that Israel discovered that Egypt could have as many as 100 ground-to-ground missiles ready by the end of 1962. A leading German scientist named Professor Wolfgang Pilz wrote to the Egyptian director of a rocket factory that he was in kahoots with that 900 missiles were to be built and that they could be fit with gas, chemical or biological warheads.

Needless to say, Israel was most worried. John F. Kennedy decided to supply Israel with defensive ground-to-air missiles capable of stopping aircraft, but not the Egyptian offensive missiles.

Then Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

The next war with the Arabs came in 1967. LBJ was of a different ilk. His sympathy was for the oil corporations and friendship with Arabs was more powerful than the Democratic party's traditional support for the Jews. So just like what happened in 1956, our American spies told secrets they knew about Israel's military to the Arabs. The UN had abandoned Israel when Egypt attacked her. Israelis fought alone and defeated the entire armies of the United Arabs in six days. It was then in 1967 that they were able to liberate the old city of Jerusalem and touch the Western wall of the temple for the first time. Many wept. Our "friends" had turned on us and yet we survived incredible odds.

Nixon, a Republican, surprised us all in 1969 by being a generous arms supplier to Israel. Selling Israel arms means that Israel pays back money for these. It's business. Nixon had been involved in the spy, Allen Dulles's program to help Arabs get missiles to use against Israel which was started in 1953. Dulles had an ex-Nazi friend, General Gehlen, and asked him to send men to Egypt to train soldiers for Nasser. They sent over Nazi war criminals and paid them with CIA money.

There has been a tremendous amount of treachery against Israel even before it's rebirth in 1948, but despite so many people conniving against this little country, it has managed to survive the odds against it. Finally we have come to the day where oil might not be the #1 important and coveted commodity making Israel expendable to politicians and profiteers, many of which have been both. Wind has been re-discovered as an energy. Electricity is more important now. There would be hope both for Israel's survival and for the planet's survival except for Iran's announcements of wanting Israel off the face of the earth and coming into the atomic age with 20% strength uranium warning us that they now can have atomic missiles but of coarse choose not to. This just doesn't gel with their declarations of hatred towards Israel and their defiance of not complying with the world's declaration of not wanting them to be in the atomic weapons business. Knowing just how treacherous and deceitful leaders of nations have been towards Israel, I don't trust anyone. What they say and what they want are two different things. I just hope we'll have a missile to counter an Iranian incoming missile that we can direct.

Reference: "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

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