Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hamas Leader Mahmoud Maabhouh Assassinated

Nadene Goldfoot
A terrorist has been assassinated by someone. Israel's Mossad is being accused. He was assassinated in the first part of February, and it just made the news as a big event yesterday, so it's taken more than two weeks to be talked about. Mahmoud Mabhouh, Hamas leader was in Dubai at the time.

As it turns out, Dubai had terrific security and 11 people are dubbed the killers of which 6 of them were holding Israeli passports that were stolen. Would Mossad frame their own citizens for this deed?

My feeling is that Mossad does a better job than this bungled operation has been handled. They're being framed by British operatives. Every country has their network of spies, some of which are double agents or maybe even triple. Up till now, Mossad has been the most skillful operation. Israel gets blamed for everything, and this may just be another set-up. The difference is that Israel has a darn good reason to feel less regret about this death. We don't rejoice over deaths of anyone, even people that have done us harm. That lesson was learned in the exodus from Egypt.

Israel wasn't the only country who wanted to see this terrorist's demise. He was getting missiles from the Iranians which could have hit Tel Aviv, and there would have been one great war after that would have happened. It's possible that Arab governments don't want to get that involved. Then again, Israel doesn't want missiles to get into Hamas hands in Gaza and destroy it's 6 million citizens. Even a rival Palestinian group could have been the assassinators. Jordan and Egypt have been looking for him for a long time.
Dubai is the center of buying arms. Mabhouh lives in Damascus, Syria. He was on a buying mission. It's bad enough that Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and just as bad if not worse if Hamas gets some of their deadly weapons. They're a loose cannon and a wildly irresponsible emotional terrorist band.

I didn't think that Israelis were allowed into an Arab country like Dubai. I know we can visit Egypt, but thought that was it. Of course, some of our Israelis are Arabs and they are citizens

Reference: The Israel Project by Tom Gross

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