Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Settlement Freeze Obama's Take on Situation

"The Obama diplomacy had made a settlement freeze its starting point, when this was precisely the wrong place to begin.
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel has given up settlements before at the altar of peace—recall the historical accommodation with Egypt a quarter century ago. The right course would have set the question of settlements aside as it took up the broader challenge of radicalism in the region—the menace and swagger of Iran, the arsenal of Hamas and Hezbollah, the refusal of the Arab order of power to embrace in broad daylight the cause of peace with Israel."

To me this shows that whatever is said to the Muslim Palestinian terrorists doesn't matter. Obama offered them the moon and they haven't changed their opinion of him or the United States or certainly of Israel. They have a one track mind-to overthrow Israel and that's it. Their agenda is in operation and no one will change them.

Israel is in peril and has been under attack for the past eight years from Gaza, a place we gave up in order to have peace. Our leaving only gave them more room to attack. We are still being shot at from other surrounding Muslim areas. We have been protecting ourselves despite all odds and Obama asks us to put ourselves in more peril by giving up more of our tiny precious pieces of Israel even including the heart of Jerusalem without any preconditions. To ask us to give up any part of Jerusalem is absolutely a slap in the face, a disregard for our culture and history, and even survival. Who in their right mind thinks that Jerusalem and Jews do not go together like apple pie and ice cream. We swore long ago that if we forgot Jerusalem we would give up our right hand.

Now Netanyahu has had to agree to a ten month freeze on even building a porch on an apartment or home in the Judea-Samaria area others call the West Bank or Settlements. Who in Portland, Oregon would agree to not be able to do such a thing to their home?

I ask: if Vancouver, WA attacks Portland, OR and loses in their attack, what punishment is incurred? Portland will take Vancouver. The point is-don't attack in the first place. That's what happened to Israel. All the surrounding nations attacked Israel in 1967 and they lost. Israel survived. Israel then gained a part of the orginal tract of land back that was in the plan to be part of Israel in the first place which was created by Britain. The greedy bullies had lost. Ever since 1967, there has been no peace pact reached with the Muslims. They want all or nothing. Therefore, Israel has the land and should be able to do as it wishes on it, like build a porch to a house! Why does Israel have to agree to a building freeze when the Muslims agree to nothing, least of all, Peace. Here we have Netanyahu bending backwards for peace, and what are the Arabs doing? Probably using the interim to stock up in arms.

In the meantime, we see Iran demonstrating how tough they are and what they can do to Israel and the United States. Kow-towing is only giving them the brazeness they need to take braver steps towards our destruction.

Reference: Wall Street Journal, opinion piece by Fouad Ajami, Foreign Policy Expert of John Hopkins Prof, "The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama" 11/29/09.

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