Monday, November 23, 2009

A Mile From Gaza Border in Israel

What's It Like?
Nadene Goldfoot
Actually, Sderot lies less than a mile from the Gaza border. Eleven months ago Israel had to go into Gaza and bring to a halt the eight years Palestinian terrorists shelled Israel. Now Israel is hit about twice a month, which is a big improvement but still not peaceful.

Children as well as adults had only about a 30 second warning of incoming rockets. Due to donations, the city now has a new indoor playground for the children that has a horizontal climbing wall, mini-soccer field and convertible disco/movie theater. It also has six bomb shelters and rocket-proof, anti-shockwave walls. This opened in June 2009. Now for the first time the children can play without fear.

Israel was complying, I'm afraid, with the world in not being allowed to stop the Palestinians from their terror on Israel's citizens when they started the shelling. Finally the government had to react, and of course they were accused of using too much force. Richard Goldstone put out the horrid Goldstone Report coming down hard on Israel. He was never around nor the UN when children died in Sderot. They didn't even give it a thought as to what life was like for the Israelis for the past eight years. All they do is count casualties, and since the number was higher in Gaza after Israel's incursion, Israel gets the blame.

I wonder if our outlook on life doesn't sway the numbers. Muslim males are rather anxious to meet their 72 virgins while Jews are all for "Life", or as we say, "L'Chaim!". To Life!. I don't know what the Muslim women are anxious about except they seem to be so proud of their terrorist sons. At any rate, we have managed so far to keep our death numbers lower. It also could be that we have fewer numbers to start with, and aim to keep them alive and well.

Resource: Taking the Edge Off War by Hugh Dellios

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