Thursday, November 19, 2009

Foul Move! USA Trains Palestinian Security Forces

Nadene Goldfoot
David Bedein uncovered facts that the USA spent $11 million dollars in training Palestinians belonging to Abbas's Fatah group in Jericho in Israel and in Giftlik in Jordan. In one year, since 2008 we have trained 2,100 troops which can make up four battalions in Jordan alone. There is even evidence that many are members of banned terror groups.

Abbas cannot lead Hamas. He has given up trying to lead Fatah. Why the USA has taken this chance on people who are so changeable is beyond me. We are just adding fuel to the fire to be used against Israel.
The PA forces are aimed at destroying their Fatah rival, Hamas instead of reducing terrorism. Their training may make matters only bloodier. Bedein explained to the Five Towns Jewish Times, that the reduction in terrorism is due to the 2002 manuever that the IDA took back Beit Jalla very quietly and without fanfare. They stopped the shelling. This was a reduction of terrorism from Judea and was part of the Operation Defensive Shield. They surrounded every possible Arab terror stronghold. Now that Palestinians are trained by the USA, what will happen?

This happened earlier with Yasser Arafat. He didn't get his own way in negotiations with Israel and American training was used against Israeli civilian targets. Doesn't the USA learn from the past? If you have a friend, why do we train their enemy in combat fighting? What kind of friendship is this?

If the Fatah Palestinians had been that friendly, helpful and supportive of Israel all along, I could see trying to support them in their endeavors to have a homeland next door, but that hasn't been the case at all. They are part and parcel brothers in mind and spirit with Hamas as far as I can see. Israel has suffered terrorist attacks from them right along. Their school have been teaching hatred towards Israelis just like Hamas. I don't trust them, and I don't think most Israelis in Israel trust them, either. It's a terrible situation with the thought of having a homeland for Palestinians on the East in Judea and Samaria and also another more volatile one in Gaza. It's just not workable. So why train the weaker soldiers to fight the stronger ones? They will only use their newly found skills on Israel. There's no love lost.

Resource: Israel Resource News Agency: Think Tank: US Aids Terror Group At War With Israel

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