Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama's Treatment of Israel

by Nadene Goldfoot
It seems like all the comments Obama made when running for president that were supportive of Israel as previous presidents had been were just so much hogwash. In actuality, he's turned completely around in his dealings with Israel.

An example is his demanding that Israel not build in an old neighborhood in Jerusalem because the Arabs are against it. This old neighborhood was originally a Jewish neighborhood though it is now a place where Arabs are living. He's taken the Arab's viewpoint and is so adamant that he is demanding that Israel obey him. Even President Clinton had said that Jerusalem was not to be a divided city, and here Obama is trying to keep Jews out of a section of their own capitol, the reason being that the Arabs want Jerusalem as theirs.

Jews have never kept Arabs out of Jerusalem, but Arabs kept Jews out. In 1967 when we won a war, we regained Jerusalem and made it a free and open and undivided city with freedom of access and worship for all. Arabs have not shown that they are free-thinkers and only want Jerusalem to be free of Jews. Their next step will be to try to push Israelis into the sea, their very first goal in 1948.

Again, our USA administration is not concerned about Iran's threats to destroy Israel, but Israel certainly is not taking it lightly. Iran is developing nuclear power and is a threat to not only Israel but also the USA. Obama is bartering very gently with them, rather in a non-pushy way which is so different as to how he is handling Israel. There he is demanding! I guess he isn't taking Iran seriously but thinks he can bully Israel into submission. Netanyahu is surprising many by sticking to his guns and thinking about the preservation of Israel first and foremost.

Let's face it. Many of Israel's neighbors want to destroy her. You don't even have to be on the border to be a neighbor like Lebanon who has its group working towards Israel's destruction. I sound paranoid, but that actually is the situation. There are some people who never give up and don't want a peaceful co-existence. The Jewish people have continued to exist for thousands of years, mainly because they use their ideas and minds and not because of material things like oil. When you're surrounded by hatred, you've got to be on top of things and can't sluff off thinking nothing will happen. Jews are down to a small population now and are not about to abide by Obama's rulings . They have their own agenda to follow through with, and that is to survive. They already have a prime minister and a president. Who needs more? What it needs are friends who understand their precarious state and that care.


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