Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Problems With Obama's Speech in Cairo

Condensed by Nadene Goldfoot
There are a lot of good things to be said about Obama's speech in Cairo but there are three things of concern that are very important.

1. Obama's implication that the Holocaust was the main reason for the establishment of Israel
Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people. All our values were shaped here. As President Truman admired Psalm 137; By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. We have been praying since 70AD to return to Israel. We've always had Jews living there, but not as many as before Rome destroyed our country.

Arabs are challenging Israel's legitimacy and saying only Westerners are settling there to appease Europeans consciences.

Yasser Arafat denied the history of the Jews to Jerusalem, the city King David has been known to be connected with. He denied history and the Bible. What he thought he passed onto his followers.

2. Obama compares Palestinian condition with black Americans and South African Blacks and others that are suffering, blaming the Israelis by doing this.

In truth, the Palestinians condition has been brought about by themselves, not Israel. Yes, they have suffered, but they have been following their leaders and fighting Israel to bring about its destruction. They have had no leaders that promote non violence. They are the world's largest group receiving foreign aid. Their corrupt leaders and their mismanagement have taken money from the people for themselves, starting with Arafat. Their leaders have not been held responsible for their behaviors. This is the game--keeping the people thinking they are victims instead of leading them to become responsible citizens.

Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization which is a danger to Israel and even Abbas, whom they challenge in the West Bank "Judea and Samaria." Hamas ran Abbas out of Gaza and they took over. They want to do it also in the West Bank.
The one million+  Palestinians living as citizens in Israel are fairly treated and are living better than they would ever live under the Arab rule.

3. Obama is demanding something from one country; Israel. He wouldn't dare demand something from other countries, and he is the first president of the USA to demand.

He is demanding that all settlement building in Israel be stopped. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is also demanding this as she takes orders from Obama. Once she professed such sincere understanding of Israel and an eagerness to help them as did Obama. Not now. Both have turned 180 degrees.

This causes Abbas to be able to say that he will wait for a freeze in settlements before he makes any commitments. Palestinian leaders are using the settlements as the cause of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute while they should only be used in negotiations. It's like saying someone is guilty of a crime before they have had the hearing in court.

It's a terrible thing to tell a soverign country that they can't build whatever in their own country because another group plans on taking it over, but this group breaks the law constantly by attacking and killing people who live in that country. If they can't control themselves and stop being killers, do they also have the right to swallow up that country? It means that the bullies win in the world, and that's who Obama is backing. Killers. Bullies. They're not victims, it's Israel who is the victim here.
This is the most dangerous situation in the world. Arabs want control over part of Israel and their only goal is to destroy Israel. There is so much to negotiate here, and Israel has to be so careful. They hare completely surrounded by people ready to slaughter them and have to rely on themselves for protection, themselves and Ha-Shem. America seems to have stepped out of the picture and like other European countries, have disengaged themselves at this time, though are quick to expel some nice platitudes.

Israel will never go back to the 1967 armistice lines as it was almost impossible to defend Israel under that condition. Is that Obama's goal, to put Israel into a defenseless position and thus bring about its destruction? That's what he is actually doing, whether he understands this or not. He is siding with the Arab's goals.

Israel has endured 60 years of warlike conditions without peace from all sides. Now Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah call for its destruction, which all the Arab nations tried to do at its birth in 1948. They haven't changed their goals, they have just created new groups with names to fight against Israel.

Israel alone has been surviving all the attacks and have made many painful concessions in the name of peace. Israel has proven beyond a doubt that they want peace but are not about to commit suicide. Who is speaking for us now besides ourselves?

Reference: Jerusalem Post Newspaper:

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