Wednesday, August 05, 2009

56 Muslim Nations Verses 1 Jewish State

by Nadene Goldfoot
"There are 56 Muslim nations, 21 of them Arab... There exists only 1 tiny Jewish democracy now in danger of being subdivided again by the "Saudi Two State Solution"! Is there no room in the Arab or Muslim world to relocate the Palestinian Arabs just as Palestinian Jews absorbed their own refugees in the `40s? " from UCI.
2012 update:  The 6 states with the largest populations are:  Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt and Iran.  
No. It's not a part of the plan. The plan is like a chess game and the goal of the game is to drive Israel into the sea. Of course the so called Palestinians could have been absorbed by other countries after fleeing Israel when it was attacked in 1948 at the birth of the nation. There were a few Arabs involved then, not like the Arabs who have been sitting in camps for all these years living off money from the U.N. groups and growing into millions.

There never has been a state of Palestine. There were two Jewish states in the past, Judea and Israel. What we have known as Palestine was the land of Israel and Judea renamed by the Romans after their attack upon it in 70AD. They renamed it to get rid of the Jewish attachment of it. There was no government, no leader, no nothing. The land has lain barren for about 2,000 years just being in other's keep but not a country or state. It belonged to the Ottoman Empire in the end who lost it after backing Germany in the WWI. That's when their Empire collapsed. England was given the job of being responsible for the land at that point. There were very few Arabs living in the land. Arabs who owned land there usually lived abroad where the action was. Nothing was developed in "Palestine." There were a lot of swamps and mosquitoes in many areas. Jews did live there, also. Most were very poor for this very reason.

Pogroms were happening in Eastern Europe, reminding Jews that they had once lived in their own land. They bought land from Arab landowners in the hopes of someday moving there. Large groups called Aliyahs started moving back in the late 1800's. They established "kibbutzeem". It wasn't easy. Then Jews started immigrating there from all parts of the world.

By 1948, we had been declared by the U.N. as the state of Israel. We were given land decided upon by our leaders and England that was double the size of today, and it was pared down to a half by 1948 due to Arabs influencing the decision. Now these Arabs whose ancestors once lived in the area of Palestine want to return with all their children and grandchildren and establish another Arab state on land we have claimed. If they were friendly people, eager to get along with us and be cooperative, it wouldn't be so bad but they are a people who want to destroy us and have been attacking us with bombs and missiles in the thousands.

What's shocking to me is that the world is backing them and not the Israelis. I shake my head in disbelief! This will not stop their attacks on Israel. This will only enbold them for wearing down the world to go along with their scheme of driving Israel into the sea as originally stated by them. The world cannot see the forest for the trees in finding another solution for this problem.

Israel is trying to stay the course and show that they will not be eliminated, and that they are strong and are staying, counting on the Arabs to finally concede that that they must get used to the idea of a Jewish state in their midst. It would have helped if the rest of the world backed Israel in this endeavor. That is the ingredient needed to guarantee that Israel should be left alone and not wiped out.

This is not to say that we do not have supporters. There are Christians who support Israel. Unfortunately, it's not our government today as it has been in the past. They have bent to the likes of Europe, who were never great supporters of ours in the first place.

Resource: UCI Unity Coalition for Israel

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