Thursday, September 18, 2008

Israel's Future and the 23rd Arab State

by Nadene Goldfoot

After the 1967 war, Israel rightly came into including Judea and Samaria in Israel as it was attacked by all the Arab nations, and surprisingly Israel won that bout. Our history goes way back and gives us biblical rights to the land west of the Jordan River. Many religious Jews moved there. It is our biblical heartland. Not only do we have a divine right, but historical as well to this land.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced on his way out of office that Jews there will have to leave Judea and Samaria to make room for the 23rd Arab State to be called "Palestine."

To me this is so unfair. Palestinians thought nothing of the land. There were very few in the land since most Jews were captured in 70AD by the Romans and hauled off as slaves or killed, though they did miss a few. This was the land referred to by Moses in the bible, and is so important in Jewish theology. It really has very little meaning to Arabs. The land has remained untouched since Jews were not there. With the re-creation of Israel, Arabs came into the country looking for work. Joan Peters has shown in her book, "From Time Immemorial", that these Arabs came from many countries. There was no desire for any national unity, only a desire to better themselves. On the contrary, Jews had had a nation, two, in fact. Judea and Israel. Now we have one after a 2,000 year hiatus, one of the smallest states in the world surrounded by people who hate us because we are Jewish and not Muslims. We have come back to our empty home and are being attacked because we have remodeled and our home is an example of great modern living. Our democracy is a threat to the tribal family of Arab kings who stem from King Hussain. The only thing we have in common is the belief in one G-d and the belief in not eating pork! Though we have but one G-d, our belief in what that G-d expects of us seems to be totally different. Even our dna has shown to be different. So much for the cousin idea. Our real cousins are probably the Kurds of Iraq whose dna is very similar to ours, who are also going through a tough time.

If Olmert is correct, we will have a 23rd state surrounding our tiny piece of land; Gaza on the west and the West Bank on the East. No wonder Ahmadinejad of Iran said that Israel will be finished.

The Palestinian refugee problem was created by Arab leaders who must have played more chess than our American leaders, as they saw that by doing so, they had a leverage in the world to beat over the Jews' heads. This was an unforseen event to our Israeli leaders that they could not overcome. Some displaced Palestinians have moved onto better places like the other 22 Arab states or even the USA, but many remained in camps and with nothing to activate their minds, have had enormous families. Money has not been a problem since UNRA of the United Nations have pitched in, and they have received special attention. They receive a salary and huge donations of food, even though they are not working.

There are over 100 countries in the world whose situation is worse than the Palestinians. In Indonesia, where Obama's stepfather moved his family to, there are 120 million people who earn less than a dollar a day. I have heard that Obama's half brother in Africa lives on $12 dollars a year, with no help from Obama.

In the world there are from 15-25 million refugees not living their own country with no food or home, conditions far worse than the Palestinians.

Including the Kurds, there are about 200 national-ethnic people without freedom and statehood who are not opting for statehood at the cost of ruining another nation.

In many places including Muslim nations there are 240 million slave-children, but not in Israel.

Africa has the worst conditions. Asia is 2nd. 30% of the world populations have no toilets and use holes in a field. All the attention, however, probably because of the heavy control of the UN by the Arab countries, have devoted all their attention to the plight of the "Palestinians," and like a chess game, have gained control over Israeli land by doing so.

Olmert is leaving office in shame. He had high hopes a few years ago for Israel's future, but said that after a long and tortured process, he has concluded that we must share the land in this way if we don't want to be a bi-national state. The two choices are both poor. Perhaps new elections will find another choice outside of the box. I hope so.

My readings and experience living in Israel

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