Sunday, September 14, 2008

Radar System in Israel
The IDF is not happy with the conditions of installing a radar system in Israel which is from the USA. Israel has traditionally insisted that no foreign troops could be stationed permanently in its territory. An exception was made for the first time when the US army sent Patriot missile batteries with their crews on temporary deployment during Operation Desert Storm. In this case they were joined by IDF officers operating side-by-side with the American troops.
Another exception is that Israel has provided storage facilities for US military hardware for over a decade.
It was discovered about three weeks ago that the powerful US FBX-T radar system to enhance its early warning resources against incoming missiles will be installed at a US base in the southern Israeli Negev but be off-limits to Israelis. This unprecedented strict "hands off" proviso was reluctantly accepted by Israeli politicians.
Under these conditions, Israel will have no direct access to the data gathered by the X-band system and can only hope the American operators will pass on the information when Israel needs it. The system not only can spy on Iran's missiles but Israel as well, so that Israel cannot make any moves without this system detecting it.
Of course senior Israel Army personnel are not happy with the judgement of Israeli leaders and army chiefs for accepting this proviso. Even in Poland, they commented, Polish crews were trained to man US missile interceptors to be installed on its Baltic coast.
This new system is to allow Israel about a five minute additional warning time to shoot down Iranian missiles.
I note that the Bush policy is to let Israel have the right to protect itself, and people have asked about what Palin would do if Israel attacked Iran's atomic weapon site. Commentators have said that what Israel does affects America, and they have communications going on all the time. The USA wants to know what Israel is about to do. With this wonderful installation that the US is doing to link Israel to the FBX-T radar system, they will now know immediately whatever Israel does. There will be no need for a telephone call at 3am in the morning.
Southern Israel is being hit again. The people there have about a minute or two of warning. Today another missile struck outside of Sderot and burned a field. Five minutes doesn't allow you to get very far in seeking protection. Let's hope that since Israel cannot have a pre-emptive strike, that Iran will think twice before they strike with anything like atomic warfare. That's all we can now do, just hope and pray.
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