Friday, September 05, 2008

Elections in Israel
Olmert will be stepping down soon, so primary elections are scheduled for September 17th. No doubt, Tzipi Livni of the same Kadima party will be elected in his place. If she wins, she would be the 2nd woman prime minister of Israel since Golda Meir since 1969. Golda is still my hero.
I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party will be running against her. That's who I am rooting for. He had been prime minister before. I'm looking for another Begin. This will be a very close race.
Olmert has not stood up under pressure. Begin told Joe Bidan not to threaten him and that he had 3,000 years of culture behind him. He was not afraid. It looks to me like Olmert would give away the baby with the bath water. He just allowed the Palestinians a shipment of 1,000 rifles to be used by their policemen. That's great. I believe they should be able to act officious and have something to back up their pronouncements, as long as they aren't going to be used against innocent Israelis like the tractor affair was. One would think a tractor is an innocent tool, but with an enraged Palestinian, it was used as a deadly weapon and did kill people. After all, so many of the Palestinians are not happy with Israel. I would have rather given out honey cakes first and have them get to know us in a better frame of mind.
Reference:, article by Amy Teibel.
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