Monday, August 25, 2008

USA-Israel Friendship Questionable
The USA is installing a radar system at its US base in Israel's Negev desert but will not be for Israel's protection or use. Unlike Poland, who insisted on having Polish crews train to man their US missile interceptors, Israelis will have no access.
This system will track not only Iranian and Syrian missiles and aircraft but also Israeli actions, asking as a spy system on its host.
Besides this, USA is refusing to sell planes to Israel for fear that they will be used to attack Iran. Israel's planes are now very old and need replacements. Israel feels that no options should be taken off the table, but are now stymied.
To make matters more complex, USA has told Israel that it cannot fly over Iraq. To get to Iran, evidently one must fly over Iraq.
USA State Department spokesman said that the US is committed to Israel's security and that the US would defend Israel from any attack from Iran. I say that would be like closing the barn door after the horse got out and ran far away. If Israel is attacked with a nuclear bomb, the whole country would be devastated, burnt to cinders, including the Palestinians. There would be no need to "defend Israel" as there wouldn't be any Israelis around to defend.
Why Olmert allowed such a deal in his country is known only to him and the knesset. It's bad business.
While all the attention is presently on Iran, I'm still worried about action from Libya and Syria. They were found to be the enemy of Israel in the Bible Code. Israel has many enemies who are jealous of its successes, and who haven't given up in their desires to see Israel's demise. Lebanon has joined Iran in threatening Israel if they dare to strike.
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